Be A Brand Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in being a Happy Hippy Socks Ambassador!

The plight of refugees from all over the world is one of the most important issues of our time. Refugees flee economic crises, conflicts, famine and political persecution. There are also environmental refugees, people forced to leave their homes because they're threatened by the adverse effects of climate change.

Many parts of the world are overflowing with displaced persons. Some of them live in refugee camps with limited access to basic, daily needs.

When we created Happy Hippy Socks over a year ago, we envisioned something that people will love and can get involved with. Through the ambassadorship program, we want to reach out to as many as we can to consolidate efforts. We also thought that some of you may really be into socks, want to earn money on the side or simple want to help. Thus, we are giving you two programs to choose from. You can change from one program to another every start of the month.

Happy Hippy Feet isn't just about creating and selling. A portion from each bundle sold is donated so a refugee can enjoy 3 full meals. It would be great if you can be part of this!

As an ambassador, all you have to do is, post/talk about Happy Hippy Socks on your social media platforms - whenever you get the chance. This is not mandatory! ;)

  • You will be given a unique ambassador code that gives a discount to whoever uses it.
  • For every successful purchase using your code, you can choose to get free socks or earn cash. No limit to the number of socks or amount of cash you'll receive as a result of the discount code being used. Socks or cash are sent out at the end of each month.
  • If you wish to purchase your own bundle of socks or subscribe, you are entitled to an ambassador-exclusive discount. You can use this multiple times and is valid as long as you are still a Happy Hippy Socks Ambassador.
  • You also get a chance to travel with us (all expense paid) when we go to the communities that we help. Last year, we were all over Southeast Asia!
  • If you wish to be featured on our social media accounts and newsletters, just let us know!

If you decide to get involved, please do the following,

1. Reply with the program of your choice. Get free socks or earn extra cash.

2. Follow us on our social media accounts,

Instagram - @happyhippysocks


We will then generate your unique code and ambassador kit so you can start spreading happiness through socks!